About Venue

The 11th International Fission Yeast Meeting will be held at Astel Plaza in Hiroshima.

the address is;
4-17, Kako-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 730-0812
Tel: +81-82-244-8000

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ACCESS to JMS Aster Plaza

From Hiroshima Station:

  • Streetcar

  • Take the streetcar(No.1) bound for Hiroshima Port (Via kamiya-cho) and get off at Shiyakusyo-mae. It is an 8-minute walk from Shiyakusyo-mae. -or- Take the streetcar(No.6) bound for Eba and get off at Funairi-machi. It is a 5-minute walk from Funairi-machi.

    Hiroshima Station – Shiyakusho-mae or Funairi-machi

  • Bus

  • Take the Hiroshima Bus(No.24 from A-3) for Yoshijima Eigyosho and get off at Kakomachi next to Peace Memorial Park. It is a 1-minute walk from Kakomachi.

  • Taxi

  • About 15minutes.

    From Hiroshima Airport:

    The Airport Limousine Bus takes you to either the Shinkansen Exit of Hiroshima Station, or the Hiroshima Bus Center(Bus Terminal). From the HBC, Aster Plaza is 15 min. walk, about 1000 m through Peace Memorial Park to Yoshijima dori. Approx. 5 min by taxi.

    Hiroshima Airport - Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Exit, Time table